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Rutherford in Navy by Pantherella

Rutherford in Navy by Pantherella

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Part of the Pantherella Luxury collection, the Rutherford uses a traditional favourite, the 5x3 rib with the added luxury of the new ultrafine 120s Merino Royale wool yarn.

Soft and breathable, Merino Royale wool makes the Rutherford comfortably warm and have a smoother appearance than other fine gauge wool socks.

The Merino Royale fibre is naturally curly, like a coiled spring, which means that air is trapped between each strand providing greater bounce and insulation than ‘standard’ sheep’s wool.

Ultra fine, refined and exquisitely warm and comfortable, they are the ultimate dress sock. The Rutherford replaces the Hemingway range, using the finest Merino wool available to make these luxury socks.

Pantherella's Signature 'Seamless' Toe

The Rutherford Merino Royale wool socks feature the famous Pantherella 'seamless' toe, for a virtually undetectable, extremely comfortable, flat seam.

Made In England Since 1937

Made at our factory in Leicester, England, since 1937, by generations of skilled workers; Pantherella socks are unrivalled for their quality, style and comfort.

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