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1/4 zip in Brick by OLYMP

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OLYMP knits and sweatwear are stylishly casual. These fashionable OLYMP jumpers, tank tops, waistcoats and cardigans are particularly characterised by the exclusive purity of the fibres and the innovative blend of materials such as cotton, silk, cashmere and merino wool. Unique textured surfaces and refined details in extra fine fabrics set new standards of craftsmanship. This fashionable, slightly tailored cotton half-zip jumper with smooth Ottoman knit sections and durable cross ribs impresses with its dimensional stability. The particularly pleasant and skin-friendly feel is a result of sustainable and eco-friendly OLYMP production, which affects the properties of the final products. That is OLYMP's stance, style, and statement.

  • modern fit (regular fit)
  • Pullover 1/4 zip
  • Noticably soft
  • Knitted to shape (fully fashioned)
  • Exact stitch count for each individual size
  • High degree of form stability
  • Low susceptibility to pilling
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish contemporary cut
  • 100% Cotton